John Dodds


Height: 5’8″ (172cm)
Weight: 165lbs (74kg)
Pant: 32 x 31
Jacket: 42
Neck: 16.5
Shoe: 9
Hat: 7.5

Nominated Best Stunt Coordination 2014
Leo Awards

Won Best High Work 2010
Taurus World Stunt Awards

Nominated Hardest Hit 2010
Taurus World Stunt Awards

Demo Reel


  • 2nd Degree Black Belt – Kuk Sool Won & Hapkido [Korean Martial Arts Centre] (’92-‘98)
  • 1st Degree Black Belt – Tae Kwon Do [Apex Martial Centre](’96-’98)
  • Professional Dancer – Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Breakdance [Canadian Dance Company] (’01-’05)
  • Advanced Open Water Diver [PADI](’07-present)
  • High Angle Rig and Rescue [Seneca College] (’08)
  • Stunt Driving [Jamie Jones and Rick Pierce] (’07 & ’09)
  • Motorcycle – Dirt and Street [Jamie Jones and Humber College] (’07)
  • Acting [Act Vancouver] (’09-present)
  • Intermediate Acrobatics and Partnering [University of Toronto Cheerleading Team] (’98)
  • Quadrapeding with Arm Extensions [Terry Notary] (’10)


University of Toronto [Howard Ferguson Scholarship]: Business Administration and Commerce Program (’98-‘01)

Additional Skills

EXTREMELY EFFICIENT DIGITAL VIDEO EDITOR Specializing in assisting and creating action design [All essential equipment provided – Filming speeds up to 300fps]SCRIPT BREAKDOWN AND BUDGETING Thorough script review and breakdown presented in organized, efficient and easy to edit Excel Spreadsheets

FIGHT AND MOVEMENT TRAINING FOR CAST Martial Arts, Parkour/ Freerunning, Wire Work and Fight Reactions [David HasselHoff, Piper Perabo, Anthony Head, Xzibit…]

Featured Projects

iZOMBIE [TV Series] 2ND UNIT STUNT COORDINATOR & PREVIS EDITOR: Collaborated closely with 2nd Unit Director, Ernest Jackson to create story driven action.

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE [TV Series] STUNT & FIGHT COORDINATOR: Under the direction of JJ Makaro and James Bamford – designed and coordinated action sequences that involved complex VFX, wire sequences and strong character direction. 22 episodes.

THE HUNTERS [MOW] ACTION DESIGN: Worked closely with the director, Nisha Ganatra to create exciting character driven action sequences.

TOXIN 3D [Feature] ACTION DESIGN: Brought zombie action to the 3rd dimension of film making. 2nd Unit Directed, Stunt Coordinated and Fight Choreographed.

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES [Feature] STUNT TEAM: Trained with Terry Notary to master ape, chimpanzee and gorilla movements. Performed ND Ape movements and stunts that were captured by the WETA digital team.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME [Pilot] STUNT COORDINATOR: The next incarnation of the long lived franchise. It was a new experience building action in an almost completely CGI world.

RED [Feature] STUNT TEAM: Created previs action, cover stunt coordinated and organized schedule for Stunt Coordinators Paul Jennings and Jamie Jones. Worked with Helen Mirren, Morgan Friedman, Richard Dreyfuss and Bruce Willis.

LEGEND OF THE DANCING NINJA [Feature] ACTION DESIGN: Worked closely with directors Mitch Klebanoff and Kelly Sandefur. Trained David Hasslehoff, Peter Gallagher and Lucas Grabeel for fight sequences. Directed action sequences.

COVERT AFFAIRS [Pilot] FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY AND PREVIS: Trained Piper Perabo and prevised action for 2nd Unit Director Artie Malesci.

PUSH [Feature] STUNT TEAM: Prepped stunts for finale action sequences in Hong Kong. Performed stunt which won a 2010 Taurus World Stunt Award.

300 [Feature] STUNT TEAM: Assisted in cast training and fight preparation. Played Persian and Immortal soldiers in battle sequences.

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