The film “The Company You Keep”, shot in Vancouver in 2011, was 2nd unit directed and stunt coordinated by Danny Virtue.

Based on Neil Gordon’s novel of the same name with a screenplay adapted by Lem Dobbs (“Haywire,” “The Limey”), “The Company You Keep” follows Jim Grant (Redford), a former member of 70′s anti-Vietnam war group Weather Underground wanted for murder. When unstoppable reporter Ben Shepard (LaBeouf) exposes Grant’s real identity he must leave his young daughter and go on the run. Sarandon plays a former member of Weather Underground whose recent arrest leads Shepard to uncover the mysteries behind Grant’s 30 years in hiding.

The cast includes such stars as Shia LaBoeuf, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Terence Howard, Richard Jenkins and Stanley Tucci

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